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Silicon Valley Rapid Transit (SVRT) BART


The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority is planning to extend the BART system to the center of downtown San Jose. The San Jose extension will connect to the existing BART system by means of a 16.3-mile extension along the Union Pacific Railroad right of way. The project includes seven planned stations, new Yards and Shops, and an optional intermodal station. The new Yards and Shops complex is proposed to be located in approximately 50 acres near the eastern portion of the Union Pacific Railroad Newhall Yards in the City of Santa Clara. The Yards and Shops will consist of maintenance and repair building, administrative offices, cash handling building, storage tracks, control tower, and the Santa Clara station.

Yards and Shops Segment: Transmetrics was responsible for the right of way coordination and design, utility relocation, and proposed utilities design. Work included: development of 65% utility construction plans; preparation of cost estimates for relocating utilities; development, coordination, revisions and updates of ROW plans.

Tunnel and Line Segment: Transmetrics was responsible for the right of way coordination, utilities coordination and general design support. Right of way coordination entailed over $500 Million in acquisition of public and private right of way rights. Right of way efforts involves coordinating input from multiple disciplines and inter-agency staff members.

Our right of way coordination team established the Property Acquisition Tracking System database and set up the associated program. Utility relocation required Transmetrics staff to work with various utility owners to relocate their property on time.

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