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California High Speed Rail


Implementing a high-speed rail train network in California is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the California High Speed Rail Authority which was established in 1996. The project from San Diego to San Francisco is divided into five segments, including the Peninsula segment from San Francisco to San Jose, California. The work included preparing analyses for one or more site-specific environmental impact report options for linking San Jose and San Francisco through the Caltrain Corridor. The entire HSR train network will be 800 miles long and will connect California’s major urban areas. Once completed, the electrified HSR network will operate at speed of 220 miles per hour.

For the Peninsula segment Transmetrics was responsible for the research and mapping of needed ROW data, prepared ROW exhibits, prepared cost estimates, and prepared information for utility relocation activities. ROW acquisition is an early and essential project activity. If federal funds are involved, advance ROW project budgets must be developed to support the full funding Grant Agreement, which is subject to auditing before approval.

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