Reforms in railway sector: experience and optimal decisionmaking

UIC and MIIT Training session organized in the frame of Asia Pacific region.

Open in priority, but not exclusively, to Asia Pacific members. Moscow, July, 8-10, 2015

Background: Many Asian railways, as well as railways around the world, are undergoing reforms concerning governance principles, fission of public administration and business functions, of infrastructure and operations, changes in organization charts, creation of affiliated companies responsible for different business activities,etc. There is common interest to deeply overview main topics, identify key problems based on international experience, and to see which practices from other companies can be adapted and implemented, which cooperation forms can be further used to facilitate transition through reforms’ period.


To compare national and international practices, thus providing new useful instruments for planning of rail reforms and managing company’s activities during reform process (organizational changes, efficiency assessment, financial outcomes, motivation & involvement of staff).

To find promising forms for further cooperation within the UIC and its regional networks, facilitating implementation of reforms;

To enhance participants’ skills in different fields of managing reforms and organizational development.

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