MBITA Member Transmetrics, Inc. Partners with Mount St. Mary’s University



Transmetrics, Inc., is a civil engineering firm based in Campbell, California. In business for thirty-two years, TRANSMETRICS provides its professional civil engineering design services to local, state and federal transportation agencies.

The firm has a policy to return a portion of its income to communities where the firm works. Thus in 1993, when the Los Angeles County MTA awarded TRANSMETRICS a civil engineering project, the firm set up the Transmetrics Scholarship Fund at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

Mount Saint Mary’s University was established in 1925 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and has two campuses at Doheny and Chalon. The college has been recognized for its innovative programs and strategies in educating a culturally diverse student body. Mount Saint Mary’s undergraduates reflect the ethnic diversity of Southern California and many students are from East Los Angeles.

With the Transmetrics scholarship funds, Mount Saint Mary’s University has made twenty-two awards to fourteen students, granting a total of $22,500 to date. Of the fourteen students, twelve students have graduated and two students are currently completing their course work. Three students went on to receive advanced degrees.

Nearly sixty percent of the entering freshman class are first generation college students, while three quarters of the student body is made up of minority students. Women make up ninety-five percent of the first year undergraduates. In addition to the local diverse student body, the University has attracted many students from Southeast Asia. In recognition of the current realities of globalization, the college plans to direct more of its business students toward international relations and trade.

Jack Ybarra, President of TRANSMETRICS, said, “This scholarship fund is one of our best and most successful investments.